The e-Commerce sector is rapidly evolving, giving rise to OMO marketing approach among retailers. OMO consolidates online and offline distribution channels, creating different and more complex fulfillment models than ever before. Compare to in-house logistics practice – which could be stressful for businesses, a third party logistics (3PL) provider can help smoothen out and increase the overall efficiency in the process, saving time and money. So, with so many 3PL providers in the market, this time, e+Solutions (ePlus) will examine for you the 3 main factors when choosing the right 3PL partner for your company.

1. Does the potential 3PL provider have a smart and all-round fulfillment system? 

In the era of OMO, having multiple distribution channels is not a rare thing. Rather than switching from system to system, a consolidated fulfillment system can help you manage all orders at one place so as to reduce order processing time and to better learn how your customers behave. Therefore, a smart and all-round fulfillment system is an important factor to consider when selecting your 3PL partner. However, is that kind of ideal system even exist? Answer: Yes! API, application programming interface, is the technology that allows businesses to connect all marketplaces’ data and status at one place, in real time. With only one system, you can track both online & offline order status and inventory levels. Greater efficiency, less processing time, and better decision.

2. Can the potential 3PL provider scale service up or down depending on your order volume? 

Planning for future growth is crucial to e-Commerce livelihood. Exploring more sales channels – can be a mix of online and physical stores – can help scale up a business quickly. Plus, you will better utilise your marketing effort and increase customer loyalty as a bonus. However, when a business grows so fast, the number of SKUs and orders also increase enormously, which could be a happy problem when one’s service or operation cannot keep up. Therefore, the second factor to consider when selecting a 3PL partner is – its scalability.

Are its warehouse and infrastructure reliable? Is the team professional enough to handle multiple delivery options? The ability to handle online & offline orders and physical store restocking? These are the boxes you need to check before confirming a partner. Usually, if automation is available in its warehouse, for example, if it has been using the automated guided vehicle (AGV), it is more likely that this 3PL company has the ability to handle great order volume in a short period of time.


3. Does the potential 3PL provider have an international logistics network and the ability to handle overseas shipping?

As a business takes flight, the owner will start thinking to explore the global market to get ahead of the game. Therefore, when confirming a 3PL partner, you should also consider if its service can keep up with your business’ vision and plan. For example, does it have an international logistic network and resources? Does it have experience handling overseas shipping? This is the time when you need e+Solutions, your perfect 3PL provider. No matter what stage your business is, be it early, expansion or mature phase, e+Solutions is here to provide you with an all-round logistics service. Overseas warehouse, network and experienced team are ready to help you handle international shipping, customs clearance and domestic distribution. You can always think big and worry less.

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No longer is a single distribution channel the only way to sell. OMO is the biggest trend in the industry. With so many delivery options, you can choose to handle them in-house, reach out to a 3PL partner, or go both ways. e+Solutions has a smart fulfillment system, automated warehouse facilities, a sophisticated logistics network and professional New Retail logistics experience. e+Solutions is here to help you reach the next level. Who’s ready?

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