In this ePlus customer interview, we had the pleasure of chatting with the founders of Ah Ma Recipe, Nathan and Matt, who have managed to combine nostalgia and innovation to create some delicious cookies that take them back to their childhood. As they explained, family is everything, and they wanted to capture the flavors of their grandmothers’ home-cooked meals in their products. 

Nathan and Matt have been best friends for over twenty years, and they grew up enjoying the delicious dishes that Matt’s grandmother would make for them. As they got older, they found themselves longing for those flavors and decided to start their own business, Ah Ma Recipe, to bring those memories to life. They use locally sourced ingredients to create unique cookie flavors like “Old Friend Uncle Chan” (Chenpi Earl Grey Tea), “Onion Inside” (Bacon and Onion), “Soy Sauce Rice” (Soy Sauce and Black Truffle), and “Afternoon Tea” (Apple Cinnamon Tea). 

Their cookies are not just tasty, but also a way to remind people of their cherished childhood memories. As Matt said while enjoying a cookie, “Eating these cookies is like going back in time.” Ah Ma Recipe’s goal is to encourage people to cherish the time spent with family and to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

ah ma recipe

Even a small cookie can convey the sincerity and commitment of two young entrepreneurs, Nathan and Matt. They are meticulous in their selection of ingredients and have a certain standard for taste. Although they have not worked in the food industry, they were fortunate enough to collaborate with a five-star executive chef in developing their products. They have created a series of savory cookies that are full of surprises, such as the crispy Bacon and Onion cookie, which uses Spanish pork skin, French onions, and Taiwanese shredded pork. The Soy Sauce and Black Truffle cookie contain premium soy sauce and Italian black truffle sauce, resulting in a smooth and rich flavor.

For their sweet cookies, they have the Apple Cinnamon Tea cookie, which is sweet and chewy, with a delicate tea flavor. If you want a stronger tea taste, the Earl Grey Tea cookie, which has been paired with aged tangerine peel for 20 years, is a must-try. “Our goal is to bring new taste experiences to customers and not just stick to ordinary butter cookies,” said Nathan.

In just over a year since its founding, Ah Ma Recipe has received positive feedback. During the lunar new year period last year, they successfully sold nearly ten thousand boxes of cookies and bird’s nest pastries. Nathan shared that the brand’s quick recognition is due to its O2O (online-to-offline) promotion strategy. “Setting up a pop-up store offline allows customers to try and purchase our products, which increases their confidence in buying. Setting up an online store allows customers to learn about the brand and stimulates their desire to purchase and repurchase through a simple purchasing process.” Through comprehensive online and offline cooperation, they have laid a good foundation for the brand.

However, operating both a physical store and an online store simultaneously is not as easy as imagined. Nathan admitted that at the beginning, they had to handle everything from product development, promotion, customer service, and logistics. “Especially with the logistics of the online store, it is very time-consuming and troublesome to handle orders, package and ship, manage inventory, and track shipments.”

“Fortunately, we found e+Solutions, which not only provides a suitable storage environment but also handles the packaging and shipping of orders from our online store, quickly and reliably delivering our products to customers. By streamlining our logistics, we can focus on promotion, development, and research of new products.” Through a comprehensive online inventory management system, Nathan and Matt have saved a lot of time and effort in handling orders and logistics, greatly improving the online shopping experience for customers.

Understanding the story of Ah Ma Recipe, we can see that successful brand management starts with the customer experience and paying attention to every detail, allowing consumers to truly feel the value of the brand. Next, Ah Ma Recipe will continue to move forward and prepare to launch new products that will surprise customers. Here, ePlus will keep the suspense and let you look forward to it.

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[Take You Back to the Time Tunnel and Taste the Flavour from Grandma]

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