Enabling previously unimaginable speed and accuracy – your orders will now be processed by “him”. e+Solutions is delighted to announce the official adoption of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) in the warehouse. With such automation, we massively increase the efficiency in order picking and handling, and enable shorter delivery time and higher accuracy – in other words, a better shopping experience for your customers. Now, let’s meet the future of warehousing in e+Solutions.

The coronavirus pandemic boosts the growth of the stay-at-home economy. In some countries, companies have been using AMR to build their intelligent unmanned warehouse to meet the demand. Once an order is received, the warehouse system will automatically prepare and pack customers’ goods. The parcel will be sent to the convenience store and handed to the customer in 10 minutes at the earliest. As the e-Commerce sector is rapidly growing worldwide, e+Solutions also keeps up with the trend – our logistics flow has been further advanced with the latest technology and automation. Want to know more? Let me introduce to you our warehouse “outstanding staff” – AMR here.


About Our “Outstanding Staff” – AMR

AMRs have been greatly applied to warehouse management, transforming the whole order-handling process from “person-to-goods” to “goods-to-person”. So, how does it work exactly? AMR is programmed to follow a predetermined path and can carry the mobile rack to the designated spot for staff to pick up the goods. The new practice effectively improves the fulfillment processing time, while saving resources. Brilliant.

4 Benefits of Automated Guided Vehicle (AMR)

1. Handle a wide variety of products

Having too many SKUs on hand could be a nightmare for a business. However, you won’t need to worry much when the warehouse is using AMR. The mobile rack which AMR carries can be shaped into many different sizes of storage spaces to fit different SKUs. By optimising the storage area, you can now store more items than ever before!


2. Greatly increase pick speed

Once an outbound request is received, the system will automatically assign the closest AMR to pick up the goods. AMR can take multiple tasks at a time by sequencing the requests and determine the best path. Unlike humans, AMR is able to work 24 hours a day – working overtime is welcomed if necessary. This greatly increases pick speed in the warehouse and improves efficiency.

3. Better use of warehouse space

As small AMRs can travel around tight spaces, more racks can now be placed by narrowing the aisles (previously saved for human workers), achieving ultimate high-density storage in the warehouse.


4. Better use of human resources

While some repetitive tasks are handled by AMRs, which brings even higher accuracy in time and positioning, our staff can now focus more on customised services or other value-added tasks, for example, packaging, system management, data consolidation and analysis.

Experience hassle-free shopping with our fast and accurate fulfillment service. As more and more people turn to online shopping, the demand for efficient and timely delivery increases. That’s why we use cutting-edge technology, such as AMR Autonomous Mobile Robot, to reduce transportation time and ensure accurate and speedy order fulfillment. With our reliable logistics, you can shop with confidence knowing that your orders will be delivered quickly and accurately. Join us today and enjoy a seamless shopping experience like never before!

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