【Warehouse Upgrade】30 Autonomous Mobile Robots Are Now In Full Operation

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As the eCommerce market has experienced rapid growth in recent years, e+Solutions has been committed to providing trend-oriented one-stop e-commerce logistics services. As early as 2021, we completed the first phase of warehouse upgrades by implementing six Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), enhancing operational efficiency.

This year, we have achieved greater warehouse automation, intelligence, and data integration to align with the evolving eCommerce market. We are pleased to announce the implementation of 30 AMRs in our warehouse, resulting in a fully automated facility and a remarkable 2-3 times increase in warehouse logistics efficiency.

4 Key Features of the Upgraded AMR

1.Efficient Intelligent Operations: Empowering AMR

e+Solutions’ AMRs utilize algorithms to determine their location and route. They possess the ability to automatically detect and stop in the presence of obstacles while in motion. Once the obstacle is cleared, they continue along their original path to reach their destination. Additionally, these robots recommend appropriate shelves for items based on their size, optimizing space utilization.


2. Enhanced Storage Compatibility: Streamlined B2B and B2C Order Handling

AMR robots offer versatile solutions for the warehousing and shipping demands of different eCommerce businesses. With a maximum weight capacity of 800kg, the flexible shelves can store items of various sizes, catering to both individual (B2C) and bulk orders (B2B). The automated AMR system ensures efficient handling throughout the shipment process.

3.Comprehensive Real-time Data Integration: Empowering Operational Insights

The AMR system offers diverse real-time data, including workstation picking status, order status, inventory fluctuations, AMR battery levels, and storage space availability. All data is seamlessly integrated within the system, enabling faster processing and convenient tracking of logistics statuses. This integration significantly improves warehouse operations and collaboration.


4.Enhanced System Stability: Boosting Logistics Efficiency

With the increasing volume of inventory and orders, system stability and secure data transmission have become crucial for ensuring smooth operations. The upgraded AMR system can support large-scale information processing and boasts higher maintenance capabilities, significantly reducing the risks of malfunctions and information delays.

Fast and accurate logistics play a vital role in delivering a satisfying shopping experience. With increasing consumer expectations, businesses that establish a strong brand image can boost consumer confidence. As a trusted eCommerce logistics partner, e+Solutions equips the eCommerce warehouse with AMR. These robots swiftly and accurately process a high volume of orders, greatly improving order accuracy and ensuring a seamless and prompt shopping experience for consumers.

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