Planning to move across borders while still running e-Commerce business in Hong Kong remotely? Moving abroad but thinking to start an e-Commerce business to crack the Hong Kong market? This time on【ePlus Chat】, Classicbot, one of our clients, is going to share with us his story and the demonstration of e-Commerce logistics without boundaries by using e+Solutions (ePlus) service.

Philip is a local designer who started a brand called Classicbot 6 years ago, with an online store setting up alongside. The brand sells unique designer toys paying homage to the classic computer and geek culture. Philip drew his inspiration from the retro computer design and created “Classicbot Classic” – one of his signature products. Merging nostalgic style and modern technology for playful designs, it came as no surprise that Philip’s toys went popular among computer geeks, especially among Apple’s fans.

#1 Classicbot staring a new e-Commerce journey with ePlus

Two years ago before learning about ePlus’ service, Philip needed to handle all the tedious logistics tasks manually – like the inventory management, packaging and order fulfillment, and at first it was a one-man band. When it came to peak season, Philip even had to seek help from his friend – surely not a great idea to sustain a business. Therefore, he had been thinking to outsource the fulfillment part to save him time and money, and that was the time he met ePlus. “Fantastic service and comprehensive logistics system with reasonable price. The ePlus team is nice and always willing to support. Wonderful experience so far!”

#2 Philip moving to the UK while Classibot’s products storing in Hong Kong

Like many others, Philip moved to the UK early this year. Still though, he keeps Classicbot’s inventory at ePlus warehouse in Hong Kong, depending on the team to handle all the order fulfillment and logistics. As you can imagine, given the brand’s roots in Hong Kong, many customers of Philip are locals. Thanks to ePlus, they now can receive their order in no time – just like before! On the other hand, as ePlus is supported by a sophisticated global network and wholly-owned fulfillment centers around the world, the client can ship their goods overseas easily without any hassle. So, no matter where the brand or the owner is based, ePlus ensures its customer have the same excellent experience.

#3 Anywhere, anytime – manage your inventory remotely through ePlus system

Thanks to ePlus fulfillment system, the barriers to cross-border e-Commerce business have never been lower. Despite long-term relocation to the UK, with just a few clicks on ePlus system, Philip can remotely manage the inbound and outbound of his inventory in Hong Kong – basically the same as before. “Usually when I get out of bed and check on my laptop the day after in the UK, ePlus system has already completed the order fulfillments for me – a great way to start a perfect morning.”

ePlus provides an all-in-one e-Commerce logistics service, including inventory management, packaging and order fulfillment. At anytime and anywhere, with ePlus’ user-friendly system, merchants can manage inventory, handle orders and track logistics status with ease.

ePlus has wholly-owned fulfillment centers in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, US and UK. So if you are finding a 3PL to handle the logistics for your cross-border e-Commerce business, international shipping, customs clearance or domestic distribution, ePlus is undoubtedly your best partner.

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