Going green is in! And in the world of online shopping, eco-friendly packaging is the way to go. Today, e+Solutions (ePlus) are excited to introduce you to the superstar of sustainable packaging – wood-based kraft paper! With more e-commerce businesses ditching plastic for this durable and eco-friendly option, it’s time to learn what makes kraft paper so amazing.

When it comes to online shopping, products need to be delivered to consumers through logistics, making it crucial to choose eco-friendly and durable packaging materials. Wood-based kraft paper can withstand a certain amount of weight and pulling force, while also being biodegradable and recyclable, making it an excellent choice for packaging online purchases.


1)Is kraft paper really made from cowhide?

Traditional kraft paper is made from cowhide, usually collected from farms or slaughterhouses. Since cowhide is often a byproduct of the food industry, it can help reduce waste.

Modern kraft paper, on the other hand, is mostly made from wood fibers. It has a similar appearance and texture to traditional kraft paper but offers higher strength and durability. The wood used in the production of wood-based kraft paper usually comes from sustainable forestry, making it an eco-friendly packaging material choice.

2)The biodegradation process of kraft paper

Wood-based kraft paper is a biodegradable packaging material because its primary raw material is natural wood fiber, which can naturally decompose. When wood-based kraft paper is discarded, it gradually decomposes in the environment, eventually becoming water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter. These substances are environmentally friendly and do not cause pollution or harm to nature.

In addition, wood-based kraft paper can also reduce its impact on the environment through recycling. It can be collected, sorted, and recycled to make new wood-based kraft paper products, further reducing the consumption of raw materials and waste generation.

3) Versatile and eco-friendly kraft paper packaging becomes the new favorite of e-commerce

The tough and stretchable characteristics of kraft paper make it an excellent choice for packaging small online purchases. Various types of kraft paper packaging cushioning materials are also very diverse, such as kraft paper honeycomb paper, honeycomb paper mailing bags, kraft paper air pillows, and more.


Wood-based kraft paper honeycomb paper: paper with a honeycomb-like structure, made from multiple layers of paperboard through special processing and manufacturing. Its appearance is similar to a honeycomb, hence the name “honeycomb paper”. Kraft paper honeycomb paper has high strength and durability, can withstand larger weight and pulling force, and also has good buffering performance to protect products from damage. Kraft paper honeycomb paper also has moisture-proof, shock-proof, anti-static, and other properties, suitable for packaging various products, especially fragile and valuable ones.


Wood-based kraft paper packaging bags: Wood-based kraft paper packaging bags are a new type of eco-friendly packaging material made from wood fibers and kraft paper. The natural texture and appearance of wood-based kraft paper provide a more natural and high-quality appearance, while also being highly durable.

Wood-based kraft paper air pillows: Wood-based kraft paper air pillows are green and eco-friendly cushioning packaging materials, typically used to protect products from damage during transportation and storage, providing cushioning and shock absorption. By inflating and deflating, the size and hardness of the air pillows can be adjusted to meet the packaging needs of different online purchases.

Kraft paper is commonly used in the eco-friendly material industry, and its price is relatively affordable. Online shops may consider using it to package a large number of online orders. Green packaging for online shopping is becoming a trend, with various eco-friendly packaging materials being launched one after another. e+Solutions has also started to introduce various eco-friendly materials for shipping, such as kraft paper honeycomb paper, wood-based kraft paper packaging bags, wood-based kraft paper air pillows, etc., hoping to provide more choices for merchants and jointly contribute to green online shopping and promote environmental protection and sustainable development.

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