[eCommerce Strategy] Mastering Consumer Traits of Generation Z

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Online shopping has become ingrained in consumer habits across all age groups. E-commerce platforms continuously refine their marketing and shopping experiences to cultivate brand affinity and drive purchases. Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2012, is emerging as a dominant consumer force. According to Bloomberg, Generation Z’s disposable income exceeded $360 billion in 2021.

Seizing the potential of the new generation, eCommerce platforms are ready to tap into the vast business opportunities they bring. In this article, ePlus will share 3 key consumer traits of Generation Z that empower you to formulate effective marketing strategies.

1)Short Attention Span, Enjoy Fun and Interactive Content

According to Google’s Customer Insights Report, Generation Z has an attention span of around 8 seconds, even shorter than that of a goldfish (9 seconds). They seek interesting and lighthearted content on social media. To engage Generation Z, e-commerce platforms can create short, interactive videos on platforms like Instagram Stories, Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

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2)Embrace Eco-friendly Brands

  • According to a global study by Deloitte, over 60% of Generation Z is willing to spend more on sustainable products. E-commerce platforms and related industries are responding to this trend by promoting eco-friendly and sustainable practices. We, ePlus, have introduced environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as FSC-certified carton boxes, to support sustainable development and contribute to green online shopping.

3) Love Automated and AI-powered Experiences

According to a survey conducted by GS1, 73% of Hong Kong’s Generation Z seeks fast online chat responses, AI-driven product recommendations, and automated, contactless shopping experiences. E-commerce platforms can leverage AI chatbots for instant customer support and integrate smart logistics systems for swift online deliveries. We have also implemented Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) in our warehouse, boosting logistics efficiency by 2 to 3 times.


In the near future, Generation Z is poised to become a strong consumer force, driving e-commerce growth significantly. To capture this young market, eCommerce platforms can double their efforts in online marketing, choice of sales platforms and eCommerce fulfillment to provide a seamless consumer experience for Generation Z customers.

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