Many novice online store owners often worry that once they establish a return policy, consumers will casually return purchased products, causing them to lose money due to additional logistics costs and ultimately end up with an unprofitable business. However, many online stores also establish return policies, usually within a period of 7 to 10 days, and some even offer a 30-day unconditional return and refund policy. So why are they willing to take on such a big risk? In fact, a well-designed return policy can not only directly bring revenue to your online store but also stimulate repeat purchases through hidden consumer psychology, thereby further enhancing brand image.

According to research conducted by the MIT Sloan School of Management, the more lenient an online store’s return policy is, the more willing customers are to purchase products because it effectively reduces their shopping risk. Establishing a return policy can also greatly reduce the anxiety of customers placing their first order, prompting them to click the purchase button and directly generate revenue for the online store. The research also shows that a well-designed return process can improve customer satisfaction with the online store, making them more willing to make repeat purchases and increase their spending per shopping trip, thereby promoting a long-term and positive relationship between the online store and its customers.

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Have you ever wondered if a return policy is enough to prevent customers from returning products simply because they changed their mind? It turns out that the longer the return time set by an online store, the more likely customers are to forget to return the product, according to a study by the University of Texas at Dallas. This phenomenon is called the “endowment effect” in psychology, which means that the longer a customer owns a product, the more attached they become to it, even if it doesn’t meet their expectations. So, by extending the return period, it can actually reduce the urgency for customers to return the product, giving them more time to think it over and ultimately, leading them to keep the product. It’s all about tapping into the psychology of ownership and satisfaction that comes with it.

A well-designed return and exchange policy can bring you more loyal customers and help establish the foundation of your brand. When starting an online store, shop owners can consider developing a simple and convenient return process while also thinking about how to effectively prevent customers from returning products. By doing so, you can continue to generate sales revenue for your online store.

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