What do customers think about when shopping online? In addition to shipping fees and delivery times, packaging materials also affect customer satisfaction! In 2019, UK courier company Whistl conducted a survey to understand whether eco-friendly packaging would become a key factor in customers’ online shopping.

The results showed that out of 1,000 customers with online shopping experience, 75% believed that reducing the amount of packaging materials required and using eco-friendly packaging materials were important. Customers who frequently shop online even don’t mind paying more money for more eco-friendly packaging. The survey also found that nearly half of buyers will express dissatisfaction if they receive too much packaging, such as leaving negative comments, telling friends and family, and some even choose not to shop at that store again.

3 Packaging Tips

To prevent goods from being damaged during transportation, many online store owners add extra packaging for protection. However, excessive packaging not only damages the ecological environment but may also reduce customer satisfaction. In fact, regardless of the type or size of the product, using appropriate packaging materials and techniques can protect the goods effectively, save unnecessary packaging and transportation costs, and achieve three benefits. However, there are countless packaging materials, how can online store owners effectively avoid excessive packaging? The following are three eco-friendly packaging tips:

1.Determine the size of the packaging box based on the size of the product

The most common packaging method is to use a single or double-layer paper outer box, and then add filling material to surround the object to prevent it from being damaged due to shaking or collision during transportation. Generally, there should be a distance of 6 cm between the goods and the cardboard on all sides of the box to reserve space for the appropriate amount of filling material. When packaging, the object can be placed in the middle of the box, and all spaces in the shipping box should be filled to achieve stability.

It is important to note that if the outer box is too large and forces too much filling material into the box, it will reduce the stacking ability of the cardboard and make it easily crushed during transportation. Therefore, choosing the appropriate size of the packaging box according to the size of the product can avoid putting too much or too little filling material, make full use of materials, save filling materials, and ensure safe transportation.

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2.Make good use of different functional packaging materials

Different filling materials have their own uses and advantages. Common materials such as plastic bubble wrap, foam particles, packaging airbags, and partition paperboards all have the functions of filling space, protection, and shock absorption, but they are not all the same. If different filling materials can be used properly during packaging, excessive packaging can be effectively avoided.

For example, when filling larger spaces in the box, a very small amount of packaging airbag is more effective than a large amount of plastic bubble wrap, because the airbag can carry more air. In addition, online store owners can also consider using packaging materials with stronger functionality. Although shredded paper, which is often placed in gift packaging, is beautiful, its anti-collision, shock absorption, and protection functions are not as strong as plastic bubble wrap or foam particles, which indirectly requires more shredded paper to fill the space.

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3.Encourage customers to return eco-friendly packaging

With reference to some foreign online stores, owners can use reusable packaging bags or plastic boxes to send out goods and then encourage customers to return the courier packages in exchange for cash vouchers. This type of packaging not only allows customers to contribute to the environment but also gives them a sense of satisfaction and pleasure, stimulating them to continue this type of purchasing behaviour. On the other hand, cash vouchers can also encourage customers to make repeat purchases or repurchases, eventually becoming loyal customers of the online store, forming a good cycle and becoming an alternative marketing technique.

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As consumers’ environmental awareness gradually increases, excessive packaging of goods by online stores will leave a bad impression on customers and greatly reduce their desire to repurchase products. As a reliable logistics helper for online stores, ePlus will definitely provide the most appropriate packaging services for customers’ different products, avoid excessive packaging, and ensure that your customers are satisfied when they receive their goods. The next Green Online Shopping classroom will introduce different eco-friendly packaging materials.

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