Do you often end up with a surplus of cardboard boxes after shopping online? As your e-commerce logistics partner, e+Solutions is committed to promoting green online shopping and finding ways to reuse these boxes. Today, our ePlus logistics team is sharing a super easy DIY tutorial for making your own cardboard Christmas tree. So grab those discarded boxes and let’s get started on a fun and eco-friendly holiday project! **Anti-epidemic tip: Make sure the packaging is clean and hygienic before use. Remember to disinfect and clean it before starting the project.

Before we begin, gather the following materials: glue, ink pen, utility knife, and pencil.

Step 1: Cut out the rectangle at the bottom of the cardboard box.

Step 2: Sketch the outline of the Christmas tree.

Step 3: Add the tree’s texture.

Note 1: Draw two horizontal lines so you can add texture to the tree.

Note 2: The two pieces that make up the Christmas tree must be the same size.

Step 4: Cut out the outline of the Christmas tree.

Step 5: Cut out the texture.

Step 6: Cut out the hanging texture.


Step 7: Combine the two pieces of the Christmas tree with the texture.

Step 8: Hang LED lights and decorations on the tree.

The green online Christmas tree shopping is almost finished.

Finally, hang your favorite decorations on the tree, and you’re done!

Voila! Your green online shopping Christmas tree is complete.

Let’s work together to promote green online shopping and contribute to the environment. And with the holiday season in full swing, if you’re an e-commerce business owner looking for a hassle-free logistics solution to help you expand your online business, feel free to contact our ePlus logistics team to learn more about our customized logistics solutions. ePlus wishes everyone a happy and green Christmas! 

Check out the full tutorial video on how to make a cardboard Christmas tree here:

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