The global e-commerce market is still growing rapidly, and local e-commerce businesses that have established themselves in the domestic market are gradually expanding overseas to increase their business scale. However, breaking into the overseas market requires familiarity with local culture, e-commerce environment, taxation, logistics and delivery, which can be a major challenge for individual online sellers or businesses.

According to research by VISA GME, over 40% of online store owners consider logistics and delivery arrangements to be the biggest obstacle. In this article, e+Solutions will share 3 common overseas order delivery methods, so that e-commerce businesses can effectively plan suitable logistics arrangements according to their different stages of development. Get ready to conquer the global e-commerce market with these practical strategies!

1)Direct B2C Delivery

As an e-commerce business begins to expand or test the waters in the overseas market, the quantity of overseas orders may vary. In this case, the Direct B2C delivery method is an ideal option. Here is how it works: the goods are stored in a local warehouse of e+Solutions. When an overseas order is received by the online store, the goods are picked, packed, and shipped internationally by a courier partner to the overseas consumer (to C).

Common operating platform: Self-operated online store

 Import customs clearance: B2C format

Warehousing and order processing: Local warehouse

Order delivery: International express partner

Benefits: 1) Merchants do not need to establish a local presence overseas, 2) Convenient for centralized management of local and overseas orders.

2)B2B2C Delivery

When your online store’s overseas order volume is steadily increasing or you’re planning to expand your business by listing your products on an overseas e-commerce platform, it’s time to consider the B2B2C delivery method. This logistics process involves importing goods in bulk (to B) and then having e+Solutions help you with stocking and handling orders in overseas warehouses, before finally relying on overseas express delivery companies for delivering your products to your customers’ doorsteps (to C). With our logistics expertise and self-owned warehouses located globally, you can trust e+Solutions to provide a one-stop solution for your business, from warehousing to picking and packaging, order delivery, and processing of returns.

Common operation platforms: Self-operated online stores/overseas e-commerce platforms.

 Import customs clearance: B2B form

Warehousing and order processing: Overseas warehouses

Order delivery: Overseas express delivery partners

Benefits: 1) Improve logistics and delivery efficiency, 2) Save on delivery costs.


3)B2B Distribution

To quickly enter overseas markets, in addition to listing products on overseas e-commerce platforms, many businesses also contact overseas agents and distributors to distribute their products through their online or offline sales channels, reducing the cost of market development and operations. In terms of logistics, businesses only need to arrange for B2B distribution to deliver goods to the local market. Generally, bulk goods are transported from the point of origin to the destination via sea, land, or air transportation and delivered directly to the warehouse of overseas distributors/e-commerce platforms (to B), who then handle the remaining logistics processes, including order processing and delivery.

 Common operating platforms: overseas e-commerce platforms/overseas agents and distributors

 Import customs clearance: B2B form

N/A Warehousing and order processing: N/A

 Delivery: After the goods are delivered in bulk to the overseas market, they are directly sent to the destination.

Benefits: 1) Saves sales and operating costs for expanding overseas markets, 2) More stable shipping frequency

Get ready to ride the wave of global e-commerce growth! According to eMarketer’s Global E-commerce Forecast 2022, the total global e-commerce transaction value is set to soar, with Southeast Asian markets leading the way. If you’re looking to expand your business overseas, a well-planned e-commerce logistics system is essential. That’s where e+Solutions comes in – our expert team can help you navigate the complex logistics of overseas distribution, ensuring that your orders are accurately and quickly delivered to customers around the world. So whether you’re looking to tap into the booming Southeast Asian market or expand your business on a global scale, e+Solutions can help you bring a smoother shopping experience to your customers and take your business to the next level!

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Encountering any e-Commerce logistics troubles? e+Solutions can help you! From goods storage and management, handling and packaging, to arranging last-mile, we can meet all your logistics needs while allowing you to operate an online store easily!

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