Operating an online store can be challenging, especially during the peak seasons of Double 11, Christmas, New Year, and Lunar New Year. As consumers get ready for a frenzy of online shopping, e+Solutions (hereafter referred to as ePlus) has decided to introduce some essential gadgets for online stores, helping shop owners to easily conquer the online shopping craze and seize business opportunities.

Gadget 1: Customer Service Bulletproof Vest

customer service

Customer service often takes up a significant portion of the online shop’s bitter history. Unlike physical stores, customers cannot directly touch or view the merchandise, so online store owners must spend more time and patience responding to customers’ inquiries. Therefore, a customer service bulletproof vest is essential to withstand the overwhelming flood of messages from customers.

Gadget 2: Product Photography Punch

product photography

Good products combined with high-quality photography can get a great hit! To stand out from the sea of online stores and become the most perfect and desirable product in the eyes of consumers, an eye-catching product photo that enhances buying intention is necessary

Gadget 3: Brand Marketing Chain

marketing chain

In addition to quality products, successful online store operations require flexible marketing strategies and attractive packaging to capture customers’ attention. Brand marketing is like a piece of jewellery that enhances your appearance. Having your own brand marketing chain can highlight your store’s image.

Therefore, it is very important to develop suitable marketing strategies for your company. Although marketing and promotion may seem like small accessories, don’t underestimate their power!

Gadget 4: Inventory Magnifying Glass



What if you receive an order but realize that you don’t have enough inventory? Proper inventory management is essential to online store success. With a pair of inventory magnifying glasses, you can carefully check the inventory of each item, ensuring a sufficient supply and reducing inventory obsolescence rates. Even during peak sales seasons, you don’t have to worry about a large number of orders.

Gadget 5: ePlus Online Store Logistics Vehicle

online store logistics

After overcoming various obstacles in operating an online store, you’ve finally come to the last step. To pick the right product from a massive inventory and safely and quickly deliver it to the customer’s hands is the goal of every online store owner. For customers, being able to press a button and receive the desired product in the next second is the best shopping experience.

ePlus is ready to help online store owners prepare for the upcoming peak sales season!


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