Product packaging is not just a pretty face. It’s a crucial component of online store logistics that can make or break your sales! A beautifully-designed package can convey your brand message and entice customers to hit that “Buy Now” button. But let’s not forget about the practical aspects of packaging, which can significantly enhance your customers’ shopping experience. In this article, we’ll be revealing some insider secrets on how to create value-added packaging that will wow your customers! 

1. Product Labeling/Barcode Sticking

Many imported products have information displayed in the language of their country of origin. However, if online store owners can print and attach Chinese labels to their products, customers will be able to easily understand and grasp the product information when they receive the products, making them feel more at ease when using them.

Furthermore, store owners can also label products with unique numbers and barcodes. This not only helps with inventory management but also enables customers to quickly and easily contact the store owner if they encounter any issues with the product. By implementing these simple but effective measures, store owners can improve the customer experience, build trust with their customers, and ultimately increase sales.

2. Product Bundling and Promotion

Looking for a way to boost sales and offer customers something new and exciting? Packaging different products into sets may be just the ticket! Online store owners can create bundle deals for festive occasions or peak shopping seasons, or offer free gifts when customers reach a certain spending threshold. This sales technique not only drives short-term sales but also adds a sense of fun and excitement for customers.


By strategically creating product sets, store owners can increase the overall value of their products and give customers a more complete shopping experience. 

3. Promotional Flyers or Coupons in the Package

Value-added packaging is a great way for online store owners to promote their brand and encourage customers to make repeat purchases. By including promotional flyers or coupons inside the package, customers who have already made a purchase can be introduced to the latest products and member activities, increasing the likelihood of them making additional purchases. 


4. Product Accessories or Instruction Manuals Consolidation

As an online store owner, you know that packaging plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction. But what if some of your products come with small accessories or manuals that are manufactured by different suppliers, resulting in different outer packaging? Fear not! With some clever reassembly and unification of packaging, you can provide your customers with the most complete product and increase their shopping satisfaction.


Product packaging can be a time-consuming process. That’s where e+Solutions comes in with our range of value-added packaging services. As an online store owner, you can choose from a variety of packaging options to enhance the customer shopping experience and elevate your online store brand. Whether it’s bundling products together or creating custom packaging, these value-added services can give your online store the extra boost it needs to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

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