Many online store owners often worry about shipping costs and want to reduce them while attracting customers with the most favorable prices. To help with this, e+Solutions  is excited to introduce our new logistics partner, Pickupp Smart Logistics, which offers a more cost-effective and transparent point-to-point delivery service. As an e+Solutions customer, you can now enjoy discounted rates (starting from $28 for the first kg) for Pickupp next-day door-to-door delivery service, giving you one more shipping option!

4 Key Features of Pickupp Smart Logistics:

Over 20,000 delivery personnel to deliver your goods on time

Pickupp has over 20,000 professionally trained delivery personnel, including walkers, motorcyclists, and van drivers, who can ensure reliable and timely delivery service regardless of the number of orders received each day.

Abundant logistics and delivery experience, providing peace of mind

Pickupp has provided low-cost same-day 4-hour and next-day point-to-point delivery services to over 5,000 merchants and third-party logistics companies in Hong Kong and has become the designated logistics partner for various industries, including retail, e-commerce, fashion, food, and baby products, ensuring reliable and trustworthy service

Hong Kong’s only triple delivery certification: real-time delivery photos, recipient signatures, and GPS tracking

To ensure that goods are delivered in their original condition, Pickupp requires every delivery personnel to upload detailed delivery certificates, including photos of the goods and signatures of the recipients. Additionally, Pickupp’s GPS tracking system allows delivery personnel to take photos and request signatures at the delivery point within the delivery time, ensuring that all goods are delivered to the recipient on time. Senders can also log in to the system to check the delivery status and certificate details of all orders.

pickupp proof

 GPS High transparency GPS tracking technology to monitor delivery status in real-time

Pickupp’s real-time GPS tracking technology allows senders and recipients to monitor the delivery status of their orders in real-time. Once the delivery personnel picks up the goods, Pickupp will send a tracking link and the delivery personnel’s contact number to the recipient via SMS, allowing them to check the precise location of the goods at any time, making the delivery process convenient and reliable!


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