With the rise of the new retail era, many physical retailers are accelerating the pace of establishing online stores and implementing online-to-offline (O2O) sales to expand their sales and revenue sources. As physical retailers gradually transform into online store owners, logistics arrangements are also an essential part of their operations, in addition to learning online marketing skills. Understanding the logistics difficulties faced by online store owners, e+Solutions (ePlus) and Price.com have officially partnered up to offer a value-for-money ePlus online store logistics plan for Price.com’s star merchants, helping them to easily expand their online business and significantly reduce operating costs.

Under the partnership program, Price.com’s online store merchants can focus more on their product production, online marketing, and customer service. Merchants can take advantage of Price’s massive traffic advantage to increase the exposure of their products and online stores, and offer various sales plans to help them easily establish their own sales kingdom. At the same time, ePlus will become a reliable online store logistics assistant for merchants, providing warehousing, order picking and packing, and shipping services to ensure accurate and smooth logistics processes. Merchants can use ePlus’s online inventory management system to access their inventory and order status anytime and anywhere, saving time, effort, and costs, and freeing up more time to focus on expanding their business.

ePlus One step e-commerce logistics service plan(no contact)

From now until December 31, 2020, all Price.com star merchants who use ePlus services for the first time can enjoy a monthly plan discount of up to 35% off

price.com 優惠

If you are a Price.com merchant who is interested, please register now at here. Once we receive your form, ePlus will have a dedicated person to contact you. Terms and conditions apply to the offer, and please refer to the details for service content and information.

Online shopping is becoming an increasingly popular trend in Hong Kong, and ePlus will continue to actively collaborate with different partners to offer logistics service promotions for online store owners. We strive to be the strongest support for your expansion into e-commerce.

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Encountering any eCommerce logistics troubles? e+Solutions can help you! From goods storage and management, handling and packaging, to arranging last-mile, we can meet all your logistics needs while allowing you to operate an online store easily!

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