It’s that time of year again and Christmas is just around the corner! Are you struggling to think of what to give as a Christmas gift? If so, e+Solutions (hereafter referred to as “ePlus“) has selected 5 popular online stores for you to consider. These include thoughtful natural skin care products, brain-training puzzles for children, premium Japanese sake, playful mini figures with a classic appearance, and a wide selection of intimate items for adults. Read on for our Christmas gift recommendations for 2021 and get inspired!

1. Popular Natural and Organic Skincare Brand: Simplest Soap

During the winter months, it’s natural to bundle up in thick clothing to stay warm. However, this can be a nightmare for those with eczema, as rough fabrics can irritate the skin. Simplest Soap was founded by a mother who successfully developed a series of organic skincare products for her son who suffered from eczema. From cleaning to skincare, she personally handled everything to ensure that the products were natural and healthy, free from steroids and chemical ingredients, and able to restore the skin’s natural softness. Give the gift of love and warmth this Christmas by sending a product full of blessings to your friends and family.

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Check out Simplest Soap at their website:  

2. Enjoy Parent-Child Artistic Creation Experience: 3Bros

Are you tired of giving model toys and stuffed animals as Christmas gifts to children? Do you want to give them something novel and interesting, while also helping them train their thinking skills? 3Bros is a brand that specializes in creative educational toys. Children can become toy-making experts in the blink of an eye, learning and creating their own toys in the process. This sparks their creativity and imagination, guiding them to realize the power of their dreams. Parents, why not transform into Santa Claus🎅🏻 this Christmas and help your children expand their cognitive potential? Currently, 3Bros is offering Christmas discounts of up to 70% off on selected items, so hurry and shop now!

Ig: @dreamingmama_biz

Check out 3Bros at their website:

3. Enjoy Authentic Japanese Sake: Sakenoie

Apart from the essential camping alcohol, how can a Christmas party be complete without a liquor shelf? Christmas is a rare opportunity to reunite with old friends and celebrate with joy. How can we celebrate without good wine? Sakenoie was founded by a group of Japanese sake enthusiasts who import a variety of unique and stylish sake from Japan. This Christmas, they are offering a special promotion, with an 15% discount on purchases of Daichi Nana Namazake Umeshu (720ml), Tsuchida Sake, and Abe Junmai Ginjo. This allows everyone to enjoy top-quality Japanese sake and have a good time on Christmas Eve. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for all the wine lovers out there.

Ig: @sake.warrior

Check out Sakenoie at their website:

4. Adult Store with a Wide Variety of Products: 18MISS

Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas Day! 18MISS is a store that specializes in adult products, offering a wide range of products from popular Japanese and Western brands to satisfy all your desires. With its high-quality user experience, you can spend a Christmas night filled with passion, sensuality, and pleasure. In celebration of Christmas, 18MISS has launched the “XMAS THANKFEST” promotion. From now until January 3rd, customers can enjoy up to 20% off on purchases made at the 18MISS online store, with surprise gifts included. Whether for personal use or as a gift, shopping at 18MISS is a practical choice!

Ig: @18misscom

Check out 18MISS at their website:

5. AR Computer Robots: The Must-Have for Tech Enthusiasts by Playsometoys

Who says only kids can receive toys as Christmas gifts? This holiday season, let’s embrace our inner child and rediscover the joy of playtime. Hong Kong’s toy model brand, Playsometoys, pays tribute to classic computer products by incorporating their iconic designs into cute and nostalgic robot models. These playful and stylish robots are perfect for tech enthusiasts and retro lovers alike. Plus, from November 15 to December 20, 2021, every purchase of a toy model will come with a randomly selected metal pin badge as a special gift.

Ig: @classicbot_toy

Check out Classicbot at their website:

Finally, ePlus wishes everyone a happy Christmas this year! As the peak season for shopping approaches, if online store merchants want to easily solve all their logistics issues and focus on expanding their business, please contact our ePlus specialists to inquire about the logistics solutions that are suitable for you.

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