Due to the pandemic, this year’s book fair had to be postponed, leaving book lovers disappointed and bookstores facing the challenge of excess inventory. To solve this problem, e+Solutions (ePlus) partnered with SHOPLINE to hold an online book fair in August so that bookstores can sell their books online as planned. Book lovers can simply stay at home and browse their favorite books on the SHOPLINE platform. Each participating bookstore will send the books to ePlus‘s warehouse, and ePlus will handle all the post-sale logistics processes and arrange for the books to be delivered to your doorstep. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase the latest and hottest books from major bookstores!

After becoming a SHOPLINE store, bookstores can join the online book fair and start selling books. SHOPLINE and ePlus will also provide assistance to bookstores by helping them list their books on the online book fair website, process online orders, pack books, and arrange for shipments. This way, bookstores can focus on sales and enjoy seamless online promotion and logistics support. 

By expanding their online sales channels and reaching more potential customers online, bookstores whose sales were affected can increase their book sales during this time. Plus, there are no commissions to be paid by store owners to participate in the online book fair. ePlus and SHOPLINE hope to help small and medium-sized local bookstores feel the benefits of omni-channel marketing through this joint event and use the advantages of online stores to promote product sales.

Details of the Online Book Fair:

Website: https://bookfair.shoplineapp.com/

Date: August 1 to August 31, 2020

Participating Bookstores: Chung Hwa Book Co., Ltd., VeryPopularStore, Matchstick Head Studio, Mommy Mart, Y-SENse, and more

Promotion: Enjoy free shipping when you buy 3 or more books



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