At ePlus, we are usually busy helping online store owners with their inventory packaging and shipping. But this Lunar New Year, we have decided to come out and celebrate with everyone! We recently announced an exciting Lunar New Year quiz game on our Facebook page, and the first ten participants who answered correctly will win two sets of limited edition red packets (20 in each set) and a PARKnSHOP HKD50 gift voucher! Join us in this festive celebration and let’s have a blast together!


We were thrilled with the overwhelming response to our quiz game and would like to thank everyone who participated! We have contacted the winners via inbox and successfully sent out all the prizes. At ePlus, we will continue to work hard in the new year to help online store owners save more time and effort and focus on expanding their businesses. e+Solutions wishes everyone a Happy Lunar New Year and all the best in the year ahead!

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